SavonServices is home services reimagined. Members get discounts on every service, they’re only connected with top-rated pros, and their personal data is never shared or sold.

Let’s face it, while many love to give to your cause and expect nothing in return, offering them back something of value can have a huge impact on funds raised.

Let our platform help support yours.




Sample Message To Donors:


Hello (your donor's name), this is (your name) with (your association) and I have some exciting news to pass along.


We've recently learned about a new program called SavonServices and we felt that it could possibly be of value to our donors like you.


In short, they offer discounts on common home repairs and maintenance so you never have to pay full price for those home services ever again. Better yet, they only accept top-rated reputable service providers on their platform (no low-rated companies allowed). 


For a limited time, they’re giving supporters a free annual membership for any donation above $50.

We know you love to help our cause, now with SavonServices membership we can pass the love back. Give your support and save at the same time.


For more info visit their website

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Thank you very much for your continued support. We hope you take advantage of this very special opportunity!


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