Going Up!

Incredible companies are only as good as the collection of people they assemble to create their team! SAVONSERVICES, LLC is a rapidly growing, venture backed tech start-up emboldened to doing things...well, a little outside the box.

We've developed the first comprehensive online B2C membership marketplace (think Costco for home service repairs). The Company’s technology platform (SavonServices.com) enables homeowners and renters, contractors, HOA organizations, and apartment communities to all connect using our SavonServices Mobile App with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

Building a foundation

Like a rocket assembly, we have taken 12 months and now reaching the launch pad you have an opportunity to ride along. It's a once and a lifetime opportunity to be one of the first. Part of our maiden voyage and with it the chance to celebrate our disruption of the lead generation space as we know it.

It won't be easy as you support the weight of our growth, but it sure will be rewarding. Do you have the smarts, motivation and attitude to make it happen? We want to meet you!

Solving a real problem

We are developing the world’s first comprehensive B2C membership marketplace because it's not easy to spend 400 billion dollars. Yep, you read correctly. The average homeowner spends $3,600 annually on home service repairs and maintenance. They use professional contractors in most cases and we've create a more simple and cost effective way for them to do it. Better yet, the contractors who get the exclusive with us stand to grow their business significantly as a result.

Having the time of your life

We work to live, not live to work! At the end of the day, and yes, there is an end to the day, we feel good about our efforts and find balance in our community of customers who become members, contractor pros who become loyal to the stream of business we generate for them, the Brand Ambassador Influencers who believe in sharing our unique offering not only helps those they steer our way, but feel rewarded nicely for doing so. And last but not least, YOU! Yeah, hindsight is 20/20....so in the year of 2020, how great would it be for you to say you were part of the SavonServices launch and year ONE rollout? Pretty cool huh? Especially when this rocket hits orbital altitudes where the views are spectacular.

We work hard and play hard too

If you believe like we do that "Life is NOT a Dress Rehearsal So You Better Live It" - then let's us know you want to join the team! We are searching for great people! If you are great, send your resume to [email protected]

Current Openings:

Contractor Acquisition Executive

January, 2020

SAVONSERVICES's Contractor Acquisition Executive will join a high-energy sales team responsible for growing and managing the Company’s base of contractor pros in our expanding 172 markets. We are looking for a hunter. You will be responsible for the execution of a focused sales strategy to acquire new contractors. Your success will be measured by the ability to seek out and on-board qualified contractors on a consistent basis, across an array of home service industries.