SavonServices Officially Invites ACCA Members To Free Marketing Platform

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 10, 2020 | 307-200-9998 | [email protected] Sheridan, WY – Savon Services LLC, a tech marketing platform announces free marketing channel invitation to the ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America). – RESERVE YOUR MARKET

SavonServices is proud to announce an open invitation to the ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America). Members of the ACCA can reserve their own market (if available when they apply) and receive free exclusive lead calls from SavonServices' homeowner members. "Our invitation today to ACCA executives Sean Robertson (VP, Membership and Business Operations) and Debra Weiner (Manager of Communications and Strategic Partnerships) will give their members the opportunity to evaluate and join our unique program" - says Dave Euse, Co-Founder and CEO.  The SavonServices marketing channel for nationwide franchise brands and trade associations expects to become the top-rated consumer platform for hiring home service pros at exclusive club rates. The SavonPro network represents home service contractors such as garage door repair, HVAC, plumbing, roofers, and even lifestyle services like dog walkers and personal chefs. Using the SavonServices mobile app, consumers who become members can quickly and easily call the SavonPro they need to do common home repairs and maintenance. Trade associations like the ACCA were encouraged to share the news about SavonServices' free marketing channel before service areas are claimed. SavonServices will cover 47 different industries across 175 markets around the United States. "Our platform is unique because the calls we refer to a SavonPro are exclusive and means they convert easier for contractors" - says Euse.


About SavonServices
SAVON SERVICES LLC developed and maintains the first exclusive C2B referral network allowing homeowners and renters (called Members), to have direct access to select top-rated local contractors who agree to give pre-negotiated discounts to SavonServices members. SAVON SERVICES enables contractors (called Pros) to receive calls directly from its members using the SavonServices Mobile App allowing members to quickly connect for estimates or to set an appointment for repairs or service. SAVON SERVICES provides these exclusive lead calls to contractors for free in exchange for giving discounts to its members. For more information, call 307-200-9998 or visit