SavonServices Launches Contractor Partners

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 23, 2019 | 307-200-9998 | [email protected] Sheridan, WY – Savon Services LLC, a tech startup, announces their launch for Contractor Partners –

"We asked ourselves, can we create a better experience that protects people's privacy, gets them the help they need right away without waiting?" This was one of the main questions Euse and Esposito - (an Uncle Dave and Nephew David combo) have answered with the introduction of SavonServices. Who do their customers (called members) call for home repairs and services? Well, a select group of local area contractors lucky enough to be on the receiving end of what is shaping up to be an exclusive leads program designed to give...yes, you read that right GIVE lead calls to contractors for free! In exchange for getting free lead calls, participating contractors simply agree to give a discount ranging from 5% to 15% off their services. Quite reasonable when you consider that other lead programs require contractors to pay for leads regardless if they result in revenue or not. Worse yet, those other lead guys over-sell the same lead calls to multiple contractors, in essence, creating a bidding war to get the job. The SavonServices program is exclusive meaning only one contractor gets the call. Most contractors love exclusive leads...but getting them free? "Wow, leads I get from them are golden" - says Shaun Moore a Minneapolis garage door company. I purchased exclusive leads from Dave on his previous company and when he contacted me about getting free leads in exchange for giving a little discount? Well, that was a no-brainer"

SavonPro is the exclusive contractor network that SavonServices is assembling in 172 markets around the US. If you get the chance to claim your market, you should. There is is no signup fee and after a spot is claimed, all other contractors in the same industry get on a waitlist.

You can learn more about the SavonPro Contractor program here

About SavonServices
SAVON SERVICES LLC developed and maintains the first exclusive C2B referral network allowing homeowners and renters (called Members), to have direct access to select top-rated local contractors who agree to give pre-negotiated discounts to SavonServices members. SAVONSERVICES enables contractors (called Pros) to receive calls directly from its members using the SavonServices Mobile App allowing members to quickly connect for estimates or to set an appointment for repairs or service. SAVONSERVICES provides these exclusive lead calls to contractors for free in exchange for giving discounts to its members. For more information, call 307-200-9998 or visit