Real Estate Marketing Idea Can Turn $75K Into $180M

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 22, 2020 | 307-200-9998 | [email protected] Sheridan, WY – Savon Services LLC, a tech startup, announces real estate marketing idea for agents. –

How Real Estate Companies Can Turn $75,000 into $180M

The most successful experts in any industry use the best tools available. Real estate agents are no exception to this rule. The best companies usually give their agents the upper hand when it comes to market reach and brand recognition.

Simplicity Is Elegance
"Gift cards to the next level is how we like to describe it", says David Esposito, Co-Founder of SavonServices. Using their proprietary mobile app software to display the real estate agent's picture and company brand logo, SavonServices effectively keeps prospective customers visibly aware of who gave them their money-saving gift card for an entire year. Better yet, the agent's phone number is directly linked inside the SavonServices mobile app to automatically forward calls when the customer is ready to engage. 

Agents get 12 months of exposure for less than a cup of coffee!
Learn how this unique, yet inexpensive gift card delivers an entire year's worth of marketing visibility for real estate agents. "Our pre-paid gift card program not only provides the redeemer with real value to help them save money on costly home repairs and maintenance but is the perfect prospecting tool for agents, all for as little as $1.50 per card.", says Dave Euse - Co-Founder

Starting with just: 50,000 cards, a real estate company can decide how many gift cards they want to provide each of their agents. (e.g. 500 agents getting 100 each or 1,000 agents getting 50 each)

If the cards yielded just a 1%, 2%, or 3% return it would create 500, 1,000, or 1,500 new transactions.

Average Home Transaction: $360,000

500 x $360,000 = $180M in total sales

1,000 x $360,000 = $360M in total sales

1,500 x $360,000 = $540M in total sales

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The SavonServices network represents independent home service contractors as well as franchise brands who perform services such as garage door repair, HVAC, plumbing, roofers, and even lifestyle services like dog walkers and personal chefs.  Using the SavonServices mobile app, consumers who become a member for just $29.99 annually, can quickly and easily call the provider they need to do common home repairs and maintenance. Franchise brands and trade associations are encouraged to share the news with their members and location operators before competitors claim the markets. The top-rated pros will span 300+ markets in the USA and up to 90 different service categories. "Our platform is unique because the calls we refer to our SavonPros are exclusive and that means they convert easier for contractors" - says Euse.

About SavonServices
SAVON SERVICES LLC developed and maintains the first exclusive C2B referral network allowing homeowners and renters (called Members), to have direct access to select top-rated local contractors who agree to give pre-negotiated discounts to SavonServices members. SAVONSERVICES enables contractors (called Pros) to receive calls directly from its members using the SavonServices Mobile App allowing members to quickly connect for estimates or to set an appointment for repairs or service. SAVONSERVICES provides these exclusive lead calls to contractors for free in exchange for giving discounts to its members. For more information, call 307-200-9998 or visit